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08 November 2010 @ 01:32 am
Well this is just a little note to say i have left the great mass of jobless people here in England and got myself employment....

Unfortunatly i seem to have left that group only to fall into the 'my job fucking sucks, makes my life miserable and i would rather drink my own piss than go in ever day' group instead....WAH!.Better update soons!
14 April 2009 @ 11:10 pm
So...im thinking of getting a tattoo, ive been waiting one for about 2 years but before i was too young and my mother would have killed me but now im over 18 i dont need parental permisson so i thought why not??

PROBLEM is, i dont really know where to get one for starters. I thought about the bottom of my back but thats on the spine and i heard that getting tattoo's on the bone really reeeeally hurt. I was thinking near my hip bone but obviously not ON it, though i always thought it was better to get a tattoo where you have a little fat, problem is i DONT HAVE any fat!So im prety buggered from the start. PLUS when i get pregnant in the far far far future i dont really want the tattoo to be totally streched out.

AND im not sure what to get done, i want something meaningful. Not something that i will think 'wtf?' when im older and wiser. I always thought i would want something that denoted strength because i really think im a strong person, but i dont want a big massive thing as i dont think they are feminine at all.

SO anyone who's got any tattoo's or anyone who designs or anything would be appreciated in replying to this post. I really wan tot get this done but i dont want to go into this compleatly blind to what im doing. Cuz once this thing is done im not going to be able to get it removed.
20 October 2008 @ 04:34 pm
hey everyone!I know its been a long time since i really posted or commented. Im sorry about that really, ive just started University again and we now have a limit to the the amount of download we can do for a month so ive been trying to be careful seeing as im an English student and most of our stuff is off the net anyway. But ive snuck off to the library to steal the net here lol.

So yeah, ive moved into our new place, SO MUCH better than last year i swear,i have a double bed which means LEG ROOM!!!YAY!Im such a wriggle bum that i need alot of room to move about it my sleep...ive got a pin board in my room and it is COVERED in pictures of my family and freinds and my trip to Cardiff!! On the other side of my room next to my bed i have my massiver posters of a broody Doctor, then concept art from Torchwood and then a massive offical poster of the Torchwood team! Thats my fave one of the lot so far. Underneath that i have pics of Zoe and then my pictures of me with Jack Harkness coa...yeah i am sad but that was like..fangirl dream come true right there lol...I need to get pictures of Jacky printed off to stick next to the ones of Zoe, i feel really bad for that seeing as Jacky is like...my baby lol.Hes getting so fat now! 11 pounds 11 ounces last time he was checked! And Zoe is getting her baby fat now, shes 6 months old now,time has gone by so fast!

Anyway, as for uni i can say its not as boring as it was last year,i have been clothes than last year lol, i like my room better too, but im finding that im missing my mother alot more this year too, i want to be home more and i want to see my Daddy alot too..maybe its the combination of being home for 4 months straight or me not tottally settleing in yet.

Oh i went out with Tasha for the first time the other week and i got TOTALLY smashed!I mean,i couldnt even stand up in my shoes i was that bad lol, but it was really really funny and me and Tasha danced our arses off so that was fun too. I got to meet alot of Tashas friends and i have to say all the guys she knows are CUTE!Why cant i know guys like that lol? One thing that was a bit iffy though was when i was walking back to the flat, i had these huge heels on and i was so drunk i couldnt even walk in a straight line,there were other people standing further on down our street and i didnt want to seem like i was totally drunk so i tried to walk in a straiht line..problem was i was so busy looking at my feet i miss the curb and tripped right over it and slammed into someones bedroom window...baring in mind this is 4 in the morning...i have never run so fast in my life,i had to rip my shoes off to do it but i wasnt going to hang arouind to see what would happen lol.

So yeah thats about it for whats been happening with me...well actully im lying but i dont know how long this net is going to hold out for so i thought i best just post this, BUT if you guys ahve important thigns going on then you can post a link in the comments and i can read and comment on anything going on that way, it jsut saves me going through all the pages when i have to keep to my monthly limit.

Anywy i love you guys!
24 September 2008 @ 01:57 am

Beautiful baby Jack who seems to be adored by everyone...what about meeeee?LOL

Oh lord wont you buy meCollapse )
17 August 2008 @ 05:26 pm


8  pounds 1 ounce, born at 8:14 saturday morning
03 May 2008 @ 08:41 pm


No cut for my princess. Shes really the most beautiful baby ever!!!Shes not even a day old here, she was born 12:55 on Friday morning May 2nd. Shes got brown/blonde hair and dark blue eyes just like her mummy. Im going to buy her loads and loads of presents and im going to infect her with my love my bunny rabbits lol.Ive already brought her a bunny blanket. 
Its so weird how you can have so much love for such a tiny person

12 February 2008 @ 01:04 pm
09 July 2006 @ 11:07 pm
Ok first week of work over with, ill write about that when i don't feel like my legs are gonna fall off.Annnyway i have pictures of our boat trip the other week whoo,family outings!AAAAnd i also made things for usagi_dumpling,inoue_orihime and dusktodawn Not the best things in the world,or anything like you guys can do,but you gotta start somewhere ne?

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