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Love Generously

Sometimes stars fall from the sky

8 August 1989

An English Rose,20 years old with the mental age of a 10 year old. I love anything pink and glittery. I love to dance around my bedroom with the music on high. I have the greatest imagination and still go on my own magical adventures. Reading is my lifes blood. If i could have been born in another time it would be Ancient Egypt and i would be a princess. Ballet was and still is my deepest love and ill never tire of watching it. I beleive in dreaming and i beleive that if you want something then you have to fight for it.

There are two sides to every story and two sides to every coin. There is the side we show people around us and the side we keep to ourselves.Who knows which one is real?

rashiea:"Rabbit-chan is a wonderful, caring individual that I am glad I've had the oportunity to get to know."
hagiel:"I can't live without my little sister Wabbit, she is English Tea love and I love her to death. She has the cutest accent ever. She is just mine so BACK OFF."
inoue_orihime:"She is the bessssttt and the sweetest person you'll ever know! ^.^!!"
owls_dream:"I may be more than an ocean away but I still love Rabbit. She's one of my favourite (with a U) people on LJ EVER! She give comfort and great advice! She's taught me Owls and Rabbits go Great together! :)"
usa_ko:"MIIIIIIINE!!!! NO TOUCHIE!!!! ::bites:: Sailorrabbit is so beautiful and wonderful. Sailorrabbit=Awsome ^_^"
xx_bezaubern:"Your spelling isn't the best, but you're still a great person."

1.If you would like to be added drop me a line and i'll add you right back as soon as i can.
2. Please do not be rude to other people in my journal, i'm freinds with everyone here and i will NOT be pleased if your rude to them.
3.Be open minded, im 21 years old so i'll be talking about adult things sometimes, if you can't handle it please don't add me.
4. You have to beleive in magic and if you do not beleive in fairies be prepared to clap your hands very loudly in my journal to bring all the poor dead fairies back to life.
5.Always beleive your a Princess and you deserve every happiness.

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